Sci-Fi Short // 2016

In A world where mind reading devices are used in the name of security, Fe is tempted to use the technology against her friend Amy.





Best Cinematography & Best Sound Design @ Redstone Film Festival 




Dragon Con Independent Film Festival (Atlanta)

Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto)

Twin Cities Film Fest (Minneapolis)

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (Fargo)

Lighthouse Int'l Film Festival (Long Island)


Cast & Crew


Starring: Marina Pitombeira, Nora Lankhof, Izzy Frisoli, Kate Jurdi

Director: Sara Robin

Writer: Sara Robin & Andrew Thalheimer

Cinematography: Kellen Ryan

Producer: Joe Dwyer

Executive Producer: Sara Robin

Art Director: Lauren Scully

Costume: Nalani Oines

Editor: Navzad Dabu

Visual Effects: Harry Aspinwall

Sound Design: Jack Garrett

Music: David Murillo R.